An Open Letter To Anyone Who Secretly Suspects — Or Even Knows, In Their Heart,That There Is An Easier, Even Effortless Way To Help Get Rid Of Body Fat...

Weight Loss Experts Are Desperate To Hide The Truth...

If You Can Use This Black & Yellow
Mixture In Less Than 11 seconds, And
Discover How Its Ingredients Help
Melt Away Fat And Signs Of Aging…

You Can Revive Your Metabolism, Rejuvenate Joint Mobility
and Help Keep A Lean, Muscular Body No Matter What Your Age… But…

Read this controversial letter—where I reveal this EXACT MIXTURE— before I’m forced to remove it from the internet forever!

Dear Friend,

If you would like to enjoy a diet filled with delicious foods… And if you want to keep a lean, fit, youthful body…while still burning fat from your body…


If you want your skin to have a defense against wrinkling from age and UV radiation…


And… If you want to keep inflammation levels in check to protect your vital organs while you… support a fresh flood of youthful sex hormones… and support a healthy memory into old age... Then…


This will be the most important message you ever read!


Here’s why:


In this letter… I’m going to show you how my very own father, John, was able to get rid of the pain and health problems caused by the fat he carried before his 59th  birthday and while using this unique mixture of well known, yet little-used spices! And…


When you discover this innovative, all natural mixture you will be shocked and delighted… Because…

  • Because this mixture contains a “fat soluble” vitamin, which mes if you want to activate its fat melting powers, you must eat foods that contain fats.
  • These spices target both the causes and effects of the fat storage going on in your body right now… and enhance your body’s natural fat burning / cell support.
  • You will also find that much of the “extra-weight” you see in the mirror is actually the result of inflammation and swelling… NOT FAT. Which is good news because this mixture directly targets inflammation to remove the puffiness and paunch…
  • And if you would like to feel 10-20 years younger? Then read on because I have some more exciting news to share with you.

But first, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Cody Bramlett.


I own a kettlebell gym in San Diego where I help people get healthier and happier by loosing weight, reversing the pains of aging, and restoring their body’s energy and vitality. But…


That’s not all I do—not anymore.


Because, you see…

Now That I’ve Discovered
The Incredible Weight Loss Mixture
I’m Sharing With You Now,

I Spend Most Of My Time Fighting!

Fighting, you ask?


Yes. I spend most of my time fighting against the giants and health industry big-wigs who want to keep this simple mixture a secret...


Because they will do whatever it takes to keep this breakthrough formula from you and
others like you.


The truth is, they feed you outdated weight loss advice and keep you trapped in that body of yours.


Spouting off at the mouth with questionable “fitness” claims… violently forcing you into a cycle of dieting, guilt, frustration… and… spending your hard-earned cash on their latest programs, meals and methods…


I’m not here to preach that “exercise more, eat this—not that” nonsense...


I want to get one thing straight right away...

Outdated Weight-Loss
Advice Will Keep You
Fat As A Blimp!

Think about it.


They recommend exercise — which, when you carry extra weight, is painful and
damages your joints— so it only makes you hurt more… and, in fact, can age you


They push ‘health foods’ that leave you feeling tired, lethargic and hungrier than ever!


And then, when you’re already sick and tired… they expect you to eat less! ?


Does that make any common sense at all? I didn’t think so…


Plus, let’s talk about the guilt you feel when you indulge in a “reward meal” or a desert… or if you skip your exercise every now and again… gosh, it’s enough to drive you up a wall…


This is exactly how I felt when I was fat!


And my Dad struggled with these feelings too. But…


Not anymore. Because we discovered…

The “11 Second” Mixture!

And while the 11 second time-limit isn’t important…
(It will probably take you less than that)…
What’s in this little treat can change your life!


You see, discovering this amazing mixture was no accident.


I was made fun of for my weight as a kid and spent so much time feeling humiliated and disrespected.


So when I decided to lose weight as a young adult… I started exercising… but I over trained and worked out like a crazy person… because…


I was terrified that I would gain back the weight if I didn’t constantly deprive myself of my favorite foods and exercise like a madman.

So... For a long time, my life was all about...


Starving myself.


Exercising like my life depended on it...

Living in fear of doughnuts, ice cream and pizza... believing if I indulged just once, I would wake up fat again...


It wasn’t until someone very important to me was in danger because of his weight... that I stepped up and discovered the real secret to melting away fat and keeping it off—for good.


You see, one day when my parents were putting away Christmas decorations...

I Heard A Terrifying Scream From The Other Room...

It was my Dad.


His neck had finally given way to the inflammation that comes with carrying extra weight and *snapped* in pain…


Would you believe that at a certain weight… a roll of fat will develop around your neck… and literally choke you while you sleep?


It’s true. My Dad’s story was nothing new. You see, in my line of work I have seen it all.


A woman will come to me…


Underneath her happy exterior, she is harboring a secret misery because when she looks in the mirror…


She sees hopelessness…hopeless-woman


She sees shame…


She sees a woman she does not recognize…


The only glimmer of hope is that she is here and she is finally ready to make a change.


Luckily, my Dad’s injury was not fatal. His glimmer of hope had appeared like a whisper in the wind and he finally decided to do the right thing.


He was given a second chance that some people don’t get…


At the doctors office, it was discovered his main problem was not the fat at all.


Well, it was. But the cause of the fat was something entirely different.

It turns out… like almost all people who are overweight… he was suffering from  inflammation,


(If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you know what inflammation is. The area of the sting becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and painful.)


The same thing happens inside you when you are overweight

In your joints.

In your organs.

Even in your nerves.

You might say being fat is a kind of... chronic injury

And as you know, someone who is chronically injured cannot—and should not—
exercise... and certainly should not take their blood sugar levels on the roller coaster ride of restrictive dieting.


I knew that his weight problem wasn’t his fault… but…


It still killed me that there was no way for him to get rid of his stubborn body fat. And…
Not a chance to banish the chronic inflammation that was slowly killing him…


What happened next, though, was like a little, bit sized miracle.

The Doctor Said, “Go Eat Turmeric”


My Dad and I looked at each other, confused…


“What do you mean?” we said.


The doctor just looked at us and said, "Trust me… go eat turmeric and if nothing
changes you can always come back…”


I was very curious…


I made sure my Dad followed the doctors orders…


At the same time, I started doing some research of my own…


And I found out about the key nutrient in turmeric, called curcumin…


Curcumin is an all natural warrior against inflammation… and as you probably know,
inflammation is related to:

  • The onset of all-too-familiar joint discomfort and stiffness…
  • Heart and blood sugar complications that can turn into life threatening issues
  • Age-related memory decline
  • Sleep problems…
  • Regulating & controlling appetite
  • The growth of fat cells… before and after weight loss
  • I also found stunning animal studies linking curcumin with weight loss
  • And more…

I Was Overjoyed!


I thought my Dad would finally be free of his weight problem and the pain it caused him...


I thought that I would be able to stop living in fear of gaining back the weight I had lost...


So, I encouraged him to continue eating turmeric... and not just that... I started eating it too.


But after a few weeks, I was discouraged and even outraged at what happened.

Almost Nothing Happened
When We Followed The Doctors Orders!

Sure, the pain subsided a little bit...


But it wasn’t enough.


My Dad walked around the house, still suffering from chronic inflammation… still miserable because of his weight and pain.


I would catch him looking in the mirror, examining his gut… looking at his wrinkled skin… groaning at the pain in his back…


That’s when I realized my Dad would never be happy, healthy and pain-free unless I found another way…


So I got to work.


On a hunch, I continued my turmeric research…


And you’ll be surprised at what I found out…

#1 — The turmeric we were buying wasn’t working because foods these days aren't grown in soils that are robbed of their nutrients because of trace amounts of pollutants and pesticides. So…


#2 — We would need a completely new solution grown in nutrient rich soils—only a very rare hard to find quality of the highest grade turmeric would work.


#3 — And to maximize its anti-inflammation, fat-melting magic, curcumin needs a special “activation spice” that our doctor wasn’t even aware of!

It turns out that the body has trouble absorbing curcumin on its own… and curcumin is the real secret behind turmeric’s amazing health properties…


If I was ever going to figure out how to make this turmeric thing work for me and my Dad… and anyone else who has suffered like we have… I would need help from the right people.


So, I started researching like a mad man, and after months of searching for the right formula, we finally found it.  The natural mixture to boost the body's natural absorption of curcumin and get the incredible healthy weight and inflammation balancing results we were looking for.


After countless hours of extracting curcumin and combining it with a variety of spices…we finally discovered a way to boost the body’s natural absorption of curcumin and get the incredible fat melting, anti-inflammatory results we were looking for…


This Was All We Needed!


With this discovery, we put the spices into an easy-to-swallow capsule and I started testing it on myself and on my Dad…

Would You Believe What Happened Next?

I slowly started feeling a relief I hadn’t felt in years.

  • I felt more energized!
  • Injuries and pain that plagued me for years melted away…
  • I became more focused at work!
  • I felt more energy through the day…
  • I quite literally started to feel like superman!


The Moment Of Truth

I asked my Dad how he felt…


And what he said almost brought me to tears…


“The pain is completely gone. I can move around effortlessly.”


And without going into too much detail, now he smiles every time he looks at himself in the mirror…


He springs out of bed in the morning with an energy and focus he hasn't felt since his 20s…


And he finally feels the respect he knows he deserves. From his co-workers. From his friends. And from my Mom and her family.


I knew that we had this simple formula nailed down to a science…


You see, the secret activation spice we combine with the curcumin is called piperine… and with out it… the body can’t absorb curcumin…


Once I realized that we got the formula just right… I thought of all the other
people suffering with the same problems my Dad and I once had… So…

I Made It My Mission:
To Get This To As
Many People As Possible.

Which is why we’ve made this life-changing, all natural mixture available to you in the exact same form that my Dad and I are taking.


Along with a healthy diet and daily movement, It’s what I recommend to every single man or woman that comes to me with the desire to heal themselves and begin a new life of health and vitality…

We Call This Mixture...
Turmeric With BioPerine

When we extract the secret ingredient of piperine we call it “BioPerine”… because it is guaranteed to be the purest, most effective piperine/curcumin formula in the world today.


And while your results with turmeric with BioPerine may be different from my Dad’s, we guarantee you will feel the purest sense of health and vitality you’ve ever experienced or your money back…


How can we make such a promise?  


Easy.  While off-brand supplements rarely tell you exactly what’s in their products, we have broken down the Nutrients in Turmeric for you right here:

When We Break Down the Nutrient Mixture It Is Made Of...

Manganese (44%)

This element helps with connective tissues, bones, and blood flow…

It also revitalizes and reactivates the dormant sex hormones that already exist in your body, but have simply “fizzled out” with age.

Combined with the other substances in this mixture, manganese also helps fat and carb metabolism as well as blood sugar regulation.

But here’s a shocking and unfortunate statistic: some experts estimate that as many as 37% of Americans do not get the recommended dietary intake (RDI) of manganese in their diet! (According to the University of Maryland Medical Center)

Iron (14%)

Helps you metabolize proteins…


When your metabolism works more efficiently you have surplus energy throughout the day—finally eliminating fatigue! (People who are iron deficient have symptoms of weakness, fatigue, and pallor).

Vitamin B6 (5%)

It’s anti-aging effects improve hair, skin, liver and eyes. It also helps your body turn food into energy instead of FAT.

Fiber (10%)

Helps with digestion and helps inflammation levels in your intestines, controls appetite, and champions kidney health.

Copper (9%)

Nurtures nerve health... and keeps youthful color in your hair, eyes and skin!

Potassium (3%)

Supports healthy blood pressure, can reduce anxiety and stress, and improves muscle strength, and metabolism.

Vitamin K (8%)

Builds strong bones and helps to guard against heart complications.

Calcium (3%)

Your heart, bones, muscles and nerves need to absorb calcium to function properly. Calcium also helps regulate blood sugar levels and boosts heart health.

Chromium (4%)

While it helps the body metabolize fat it also turns protein into muscle and converts sugar into energy. Plus it plays a key role in regulating appetite and reducing sugar cravings.

These nutrients… when combined in our unique Turmeric and BioPerine
supplement… will change your life!


Imagine what just one of these health benefits will do for you…


Imagine all that fat you’re sitting with now… melts away…


You feel strong, energetic each and every day…


Your hopelessness, frustration and guilt melt away with the inflammation and fat that disappear from your body…


Prepare yourself… in your mind… for the admiration, appreciation and sheer
attraction from your friends and loved ones.


Everyone knows the health and happiness you deserve… And it is all inside a
tiny capsule…

Get your first bottle of Turmeric with BioPerine for the discounted price of… $25.


That’s less than $1 a day for 60 capsules filled with the future you’ve been waiting for…


Each capsule is filled with the high-grade Turmeric and BioPerine for maximum results…


If you take the suggested amount of 2 capsules per day, one bottle will last you a full month.


It’s simple.

Click on the best option for you and reserve your Turmeric with BioPerine.

180-Day Guarantee

GMO Free Products

Made in the USA

GMP Certified

FDA Facility

Maybe you’re wondering if there are other options, so I want to make sure you know something…


You can’t find Turmeric with BioPerine anywhere else.


It’s not sold in stores…


And while there are other supplements out there… many of them don’t have the essential high-grade turmeric we use in our capsules… so your body will have a hard time absorbing them, and they will not have the results you desire.


What’s even worse is many use filler chemicals and powders like saw dust and salt…to raise their profit margins… so these “off-brand” supplements will do nothing for you…


Plus, they’re not GUARANTEED like Turmeric with BioPerine.


You see, I’m so confident you will be absolutely thrilled with your purchase of Turmeric with BioPerine that I want you to try it before you buy it!

Here's My Promise To You,
My BULLET-PROOF 6-month money-back guarantee:

After you order your Turmeric with BioPerine today, if you are not 100% satisfied, you can simply send me an email within the next half a year and send it back in any condition and I will see that you get a complete refund with no questions asked, no hassle whatsoever.


That’s 180 days to experience the amazing future you’ve been reading about.
If you're wondering why I am doing this, the answer is simple…


I believe this supplement is not only the best on the market, but…


Everyone who wants to naturally promote a healthy weight and experience a pain-free existence should be taking it.


My Dad has a second lease on life…


My joints are free from chronic inflammation, pain,  and I have peace of mind…


And my clients… the women that come to me as their last hope… finally experience the health, happiness, and safety they deserve…


So I'm doing everything I can to get this to as many people like you, at the lowest cost possible.

I'm also going to give you a FREE Bonus
with your order of Turmeric with BioPerine.

The 7 Day Anti-Inflammation Diet is a fast and easy meal protocol to increase energy, health & vitality while assisting the Turmeric and BioPerine for the quickest results possible.

I Don’t Know
How Much Longer
I Can Keep This Offer Up.


Aside from the fact that I’m under attack from the health industry for developing an all natural supplement that is literally turning the health world upside down…the turmeric we use is extremely rare… so…

We're Running Out Of Stock

Because we source our turmeric and black pepper from natural, nutrient rich soils, our stock is constantly in high demand...


It costs us extra money to buy these premium ingredients for you.


So, unfortunately we can't always come up with enough stock for everyone that wants and needs this.


It’s just another way we’re committed to giving you the healthiest most effective supplement possible, no matter what...


The question is, do we still have yours in stock?


If the buttons below say "Buy Now" then the answer is yes. But you must act quickly.

Click on one of the three options to get your Turmeric with BioPerine supplement before it runs out.

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As I said, we run out of stock regularly and it can happen at any moment. Sometimes it takes months for the natural turmeric and black pepper growth cycles to get us up and running again… So…


Click on one of the three options to get your Turmeric with BioPerine supplement right now.


Once you click the best option for you, you’ll be taken to a secure, encrypted checkout page.


Rest assured, your information is safe. I partnered with industry leading Software Projects to use the same encryption and security technology as websites like


When you’ve arrived at the secure checkout page… simply enter your information and I will immediately rush you your order of Turmeric with BioPerine and your FREE ebook bonus:

Look, right now you have a choice to make...


And if you think about it, there are only 3 ways this can go for you...


First thing you can do is… nothing.


Continue walking around with the physical and psychological pain that comes with the extra weight you’re carrying.


You can leave this site behind and do nothing – except keep suffering for no reason…


And honestly, if you’ve read this far, it shows me that what you’re doing now simply isn’t working for you.


So doing nothing really isn’t a choice at all...


The second thing you can do is... take what you learned here and try to “figure it all out” for yourself.


You can try this, and I told you all the ingredients in Turmeric and BioPerine.


So you know what you need…


But you would need to learn how to extract and measure the key nutrients in turmeric and black pepper, and unless you have a free lab on hand, it will cost you hundreds— even thousands of dollars to do so.


And even then, you will be forced to wonder about the purity, safety and potency of the vitamins and minerals of your turmeric and black pepper…


And that’s just extra suffering, stress and spending that I don’t want for you...


Then there’s Option Three... the smart option... which is simply to do what
THOUSANDS of others have done before you risk-free and try the proven done-for-you Turmeric with BioPerine formula today.


It’s a simple decision.


Click the “Buy Now” button with the best option for you to go straight to the 100% secure checkout page and complete your order.


You see it’s no coincidence you’re here now and I know it means you’re ready for a change. Please, trust yourself to make the right decision.

It's a simple decision, Click the "Buy Now" button on the best option for You

180-Day Guarantee

GMO Free Products

Made in the USA

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FDA Facility

You see it’s no coincidence you’re here now and I know it means you’re ready for a change.


Please, trust yourself to make the right decision.


I look forward to hearing how this herbal supplement helps you achieve the healthy transformation you seek!


To your success,

Cody Bramlett
Gym Owner, Nutrition Fat Loss Coach, and Creator of Science Natural Supplements

P.S. If you’re tired of telling yourself that you’re “going on a diet” over and over again. And if you’re tired of hoping and waiting for something in your life to change, doesn’t it make plain ol’ sense to at least try the Turmeric with BioPerine formula completely risk free for 180 days? Why should you spend another moment of your life sitting inside a body you’re not happy with? You can experience the same amazing results I have, that my father has, and that everyone one of the thousands of people who have used Turmeric with BioPerine have. This amazing yellow & black spice mixture is what will make 2016 the year you finally did the ONE THING you needed for your body. And all it takes is 10 seconds a day, once a day. It’s yours for the taking. Click on one of the options above and start right now.

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180-Day Guarantee

GMO Free Products

Made in the USA

GMP Certified

FDA Facility

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Q: How many bottles should I order?

The most popular order for new customers is the 3 bottle package, and that's what I recommend to start with. Since it is Risk Free for 180 days you have nothing to losse. However, because we have many repeat customers, we offer the ability to save 10%-15% per bottle when you sign up for auto-ship so you can take advantage of the even deeper discounts.


Q: What is the ingredients of Turmeric with BioPerien

Check out he product label for complete information about his powerful product.

Q: What makes your products better than anyone else?

Our products are created without any fillers or additives. Additionally, our Turmeric contains BioPerine (black pepper extract). This allows our turmeric to be absorbed into the body 2,000 times faster! Our products contain no additives and/or fillers.

Q: How long does it take for your product to ship?

Our products typically ship within 3-7 business days for orders within the U.S and between 2-4 weeks for anywhere outside of the U.S.


Q: Can I be set-up for automatic shipment of your product?

Yes; We have an option for you to pay for 1, 3, or 6 bottles recurring monthly shipment of our Turmeric with BioPerine. You can stop these monthly shipments at any time by emailing customer service at


Q: Where does your product ship to?

We ship all over the world to 36 countries: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.


Q: Does your product contain black pepper?

Our Turmeric with BioPerine utilizes black pepper extract. This is used to escalate the natural absorption of the turmeric.


Q: I have heard that many turmeric products contain EDC, a harmful solvent used during manufacturing. Does your product contain this?

No; We do not use this in our manufacturing or any product therfore our products do not contain EDC.


Q: Can I take Turmeric with additional medications?

Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory and like Advil, can cause complications when used with blood thinners. Please consult your medical physician for any questions pertaining to the use of this product when used in addition to additional medications.


Q: How long will it take to begin noticing the effects of Turmeric?

The actual timing for the product to begin working will vary depending upon the individual and his/her metabolism. We generally begin to see results in overall focus and energy within 2-3 weeks when eating right and taking the correct dosage of Turmeric daily.


Q: How much weight will I loose while using Turmeric?

Turmeric has outstanding anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, turmeric can assist in increasing mood, energy, and overall focus while it can act as a natural appetite suppressant. Therefore, when paired with a healthy diet and mild-moderate exercise plan, our turmeric product can add as a wonderful asset for those hoping to lose weight. Actual weight loss and results will dependent upon an individual’s metabolism, lifestyle, and additional health-related factors.


Q: How many Capsules should I take each day?

The recommended consumption of our product is 2 pills per day. We suggest that you begin by taking one pill each day (with a meal) until your body adjusts to the product. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin to add an additional pill each day for improved results.


Q: What time of the day should I take this supplement?

There is no set time for which you should begin taking this product. Rather, personal preference is advised. Please ensure the supplement is taken with a meal and not on an empty stomach. Should you decide to add an additional pill to your daily regimen (for a total of 2/day) you can take these together, or you may take one in the morning and one in the evening!


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